Covid-19 Experience

well, I’m survived

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This article is personal experience can not refer to anyone’s symptom. If you have contacted with Covid-19, please go see the doctor instead using this article as a behavioral example.


On the 2nd April 2022, my mother-in-law went out of town. The driver later found that he had Covid-19 and he was driving for her for 6 hours or so. Can be in conclusion that she had already caught with Covid-19. But when she came back home, she didn’t realized that she contacted and walked around the house care-free for 2 days.

Later, the test came positive. That time I believed that the whole family had got Covid-19 already because we let our guard down for the whole two days. So, even we tried to room isolate grandma in her room on second floor, despite we were sharing the common ground on second floor. And there is a ventilation overhead of sitting zone. Every time grandma went out for toilet, she cough, split down to the first floor where the others stay.

While we took care of isolated grandma with Favipiravir given by government. on 12th-13th April, my wife and me tested positive for Covid-19 respectively. It was surely that our son is contacted.


  • I have had 3 jabs vaccination, AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer.
  • I had got a fever, around 38 degree Celsius, for 3 days. Treated with Paracetamols.
  • I had got a dry cough for 30 days. Relieved with Kamillosan®
  • No sign of loss of teste or smell.
    No diarrhea.
    No red eyes.
    No nasal congestion.

But for my son, 10 months old, haven’t had any vaccine.

  • He had got high fever, 39.7 degree Celsius top.
  • Dry cough.
  • Skin rash.
  • Vomiting.

He was admitting in hospital for 4 days. He was released when the fever is low and no other signs of other symptoms.

What we have learned

Don’t underestimate the chance of getting Covid-19. It’s a lot easier to contact than you thought. Just a single breathe out from the air can give you a week in hospital. In the worst case, you may ended up in the grave.

The Favipiravir may need in elder patients. For me, I don’t take any. Just took care of symptom by symptom. Luckily the virus is not getting through my lung. None of us don’t have shortness of breathe.

But we still cough for a month.

Now we won’t let our guard down again.



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