Expect the expectation, iPhone 14

which move you are gonna make, Apple?

which one is iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13, what is the different again?

  1. ProMotion display or 120Hz refresh rate in common term.
  2. Cinematic mode in Camera.
  3. A14 -> A15 (+1 GPU core)

Here was what happened when Apple decided when releasing iPhone 13.

Apple goes for ‘Defensive’ strategy using almost the same old model change and the marketing message changed from Blast past fast. to Your new superpower. and Oh. So. Pro. in Pro models. Mentioned that only camera module was improved. And I don’t care about the new green color.

Apple tends to do that again on upcoming iPhone 14 since they have no motivation to tackle the market that fast. The real thing is Apple fan boy is still upgrading their machine’s refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz (obviously seeable with plain eyes) Even Android fans are looking forward to 160Hz leaving 120Hz just a standard.

source: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/apple-statistics/

From the table above, EU market share is just 25% against the whole world meaning their demand for USB-C charge port is not much enthusiasm enough making us have more clearly vision on the next iPhone 14.

(Actually the numbers above is shown Apple’s total revenue including fast-growing products like M1 Macs and AirPods. The iPhone it self is a majority of revenue but it has slowly diminished along 5 years)

iPhone 15, What to expect?

Let’s see the options Apple has.

I, personally, predict that Apple will go for ‘Defensive’ strategy, as iPhone is still sellable with nothing much upgrade as you see on update 12 to 13. Apple did that before in new Macbook Air M2 which Apple make a bit adjustment to the screen (wider with notch) and ‘Poor’ performance.

Apple is trying to reach bigger market, not go higher for innovation leadership.

So, you can expect for iPhone 15 with
- Old model, a bit adjustment on top notch (can be punch-hole) and more color options
- A16 chipset, good speed, but not fast as M1
- lighting port
- better telephoto camera, possibly 10x optical zoom
- probably claim more hours on video playback, but nothing change in real life usage

If Apple aims for innovation leader, it would be perfect for us, the poor consumer. USB-C friendly will make a leap jump in iPhone sales since 2020 (model change from 11 to 12) -> comparison here.

an upgraded camera module.

The innovation there was MagSafe which turn the iPhone’s back into utility attachments. People love that, but in fact, not use that. Just the feeling of holding on to the most innovative phone is enough for make a big jump of revenue.

Apple has been selling the emotions, not innovation.

What is your thoughts?



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