Frustrating on Conda package update?

if you’re an OCD, like me, update packages is a-must even it demolished some past projects

Even I mostly done my data analysis projects on VSCode but sometimes missing packages can ruin my day. For an example, I’m scrapping the website using BeautifulSoup4 as usual but this time I want lxml as a parser.

so I go for

soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'lxml')

it throws error, and I realize that I have to `pip install lxml`
but for Conda (or Jupyter) the lxml is already there!

switching to Jupyter isn’t the big deal (if you ignore about git)

suddenly, my OCD strikes me hard
my brain asks “how can I update all the packages in conda”

here’s how

go for CMD.exe Prompt in Anaconda

simply type conda update --all

pin pon pop!

OCD is fulfilled

Ready, set, Py!



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Thongchan Thananate

Thongchan Thananate

People might laugh at it or call it foolish logic, but that’s enough for me. That’s what romanticism is about!